Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Best PracticesMany businesses leap into the social media fray with hopes of finding a one-size-fits-all solution to streamlining fan communication so they will have to do as little work as possible. This may not be what you want to hear, but there really is no silver bullet formula to get you 1000 fans or followers a day, and no contest that can keep your online community interested forever. Social media is an ongoing process; one that will only work If given due diligence.

There are, however,  a few simple best practices that you should keep in mind when pursuing social media for your business. Believe it or not, they’re not based on gimmicks or providing the best swag from your contests, but rather simply treating the whole thing like you are actually dealing with fellow humans, and not some faceless internet fan base.

  1. Share Valuable Content. There is such a thing as over promotion, and you are likely treading that thin line if most of your social media posts are only about your products or services. Begin by finding out what it is your community is looking for, and do your best to provide it for them. Rather than plugging that latest and greatest widget endlessly, try to provide info that might pertain to that widget’s use, or to the larger widget industry as a whole.
  2. Open Your Ears. Your community is always talking, and it’s up to you to listen in. Talk to your followers about issues they are having, content they have shared, and how to help them become successful in their own endeavors. Being genuine and engaged will get you places.
  3. Give the People What They Want. If your posts do not in some way provide tangible value, your social media profiles will wither. At the end of the day, your fans are looking for some sort of investment on the time they have spent engaging with you online.
  4. Pick What Works for You. These days it seems like there is a new social media service or platform every other week, and obviously keeping fans engaged on all of these fronts would be a full time job for several employees. Pick the services that seem to work best for you and try to limit yourself to three or less; that’s how many you will likely be able to update regularly. Remember, it’s far better to be actively involved with one profile than distracted and inattentive with several.
  5. Be Engaging.  The primary reason people use social media is to BE SOCIAL. Don’t get so carried away with the loudspeaker of free marketing that you fail to pay attention and actually talk to your community. Be friendly, patient, honest and open and your fans will notice. 

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