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So, you've covered the basics in your company's marketing efforts: you have your business cards and other printed material designed, printed and ready to go. You have your website up and running. Anything else?

Multimedia Design IconCDs as Marketing Tools

Ever consider using CD ROMs to distribute to clients? Think of it as a combination business card and website you can hand out while on the road. As a short list, with a CD as a communications tool, you can:

Distribute extensive marketing material to your clients at:
• Meetings
• Trade shows
• Anywhere else you want to share information but don't have access to an internet connection
• Create cost effective, easily updatable, instruction manuals to hand out or include with your products
• Distribute demo versions of digital products
• Anything your imagination can come up with!

Video on the Web IconVideo Production and Web Integration

A website is a powerful marketing and communication tool that no company can do without. Unfortunately, your competition probably has a website, too. So, how do you set your website apart?

Video is the answer.

Got2Web offers extensive video production and integration services to bring your brand to the next level. A video can explain a product or service in a way that no other media can quite compare to.

Today's online technologies allow for effective delivery of video material over the internet. What better way to deliver your message than by showing it to your clients? It gives your website that high-end look that sets your company apart from your competition. Just think of these few examples:

• Product demonstrations
• "Hello" greetings by company spokespersons
• Visual enhancements to websites, either in video or animated form

A single video production can be leveraged across various marketing channels, such as:

• Websites
• CD's
• Television

Of course, this is just a short list of how multimedia applications can set your company apart from the competition. If you don't see anything you are looking for, please contact us today.



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