Responsive Vermont Website Design

Today, we have a multitude of ways to access the web: from 'old-school' desktop computers, to wireless devices, such as the smartphone sitting in your pocket. It is no longer enough to design a website to look and perform great on a full-size computer monitor. Modern websites need to look and perform great on all types of devices.

This has led the way to the development of what is commonly known as responsive web design. A responsive website will actually identify what size viewing area the visitor's device is using and adapt itself to that environment. More than just scaling down to fit the screen, the site will actually readjust the placement of visual elements on the screen for that particular device, while maintaining font sizes that are easy to read. It's like experiencing a website that appears to have been designed specifically for that device!

Why is this important? More than just visual appeal, a responsive website will make it much easier for your visitor to absorb your message, thereby increasing the chance they will stay and read more. A well designed responsive website will reduce, if not eliminate, the need to scroll or 'pinch' your touchscreen to experience all the content. This is especially important for tablet users, who may visit your site in either portrait or landscape mode; a responsive website will automatically adjust itself to the proper viewing size.

For example, you can experience just what a responsive site does - right now - by scaling the browser window you are currently using (just make sure you are using a current version of your favorite browser) on this Got2Web website. Drag the sides of the browser window in and out to see how this site automatically adjusts itself. Better yet, take a look at this site using different size devices and you'll get a sense of what we mean.

At Got2Web Internet Services, we're experts at building beautiful and responsive websites that open up the user base to all size devices.We have experience with local, Vermont website design and also have clients that operate on a national level. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We would love to discuss with you how a Got2Web responsive website will benefit you.