Vermont Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO IconHaving a beautiful and functional website, full of important information about your products and services is great. But it can all be wasted if no one knows it exists. Besides putting effort into advertising your site, you need to make sure it can be found by the major search engines easily, thoroughly catalogued or indexed, and presented in search results within the first 3 pages.

Got2Web's professional search engine optimization (SEO) services can ensure your website is visible to the major search engines and your content is valuable to visitors. Solid search engine optimization on your website pages can help build your brand and business online.

Got2Web Internet Services can analyze your existing website and find strategic opportunties in the code and page content that can help achieve the best possible search performance. We can adjust your markup, optimize the code, and review content to help you compete effectively in search results.  Then, we offer on-going measured analysis and monitoring to track your website's progress over time.

As part of our SEO services, we do the following:

• Analyze your website code to see what can be optimized to its fullest
• Research the best keywords, on a page by page level and pick the best ones for your company's industry
• Research and compare what and how your competition is doing with their websites
• Optionally rewrite copy on your website in such a way as to maximize the use and validity of the best keywords for your industry
• Track results, report progress, and much more

Your SEO Begins With a Free Consultation

The Got2Web SEO process is a team effort between you and us. We get together to research and brainstorm the best course of action to achieve your company website's marketing goals. The site is analyzed and then optimized to its fullest potential; results are periodically tracked and settings modified as needed. During our consultations, we also show you what to do, besides the modification of the site itself, to help your site rank compete in the search engine results.