The Value of Website Analysis Reports

 value of website analysis reports for your businss

Building A Plan for Strategic Website Improvement

As professionals with skills in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and strategic content development, Got2Web, LLC  advises clients and prospective customers about how to improve their website ranking and online marketing visibility.  By preparing concise, expert reports we work with customers to build a and implement a stratgic, confidential plan to achieve website marketing goals.

A professional Website Analysis Report focuses your website's technical issues, brand visibility and competition, search engine optimization factors (or all three areas).  Our reports describe opportunities for development or areas in need of improvement; a comprehensive report includes in-depth evaluation of strategic areas we can help develop for your business.

A comprehensive business site report may include detailed analysis of technical, content, social, and market areas; a brief, targeted report places focus on one key aspect, or presesnts and overview of your website performance and visibility.  The follow-up analysis we offer to a brief report is a commissioned, detailed analysis of specific website issues that includes a plan for implementation and delivery of a well-defined strategic solution.

Website Analysis Reports Support Business Issues

Most business owners are aware that website positioning is important to online visibility, successful digital marketing, and brand development. Business owners generally do not understand (nor do they want to know about in detail) the techniques, technical complexities, and expert nuances of how, why, when, and where to make changes to website content and/or code to improve performance, site ranking, and gain competitive advantage. We have years of experience working in SEO, branding and marketing along with web design and hosting. Got2Web expertis can evaluate your site and discover areas for meaningful, cost-effective improvement.

Using Website Analysis Reports to Improve SEO

Search is the primary channel people use to find information, products, and services, so it supports business objectives for growth to optimize for search with keywords AND branding through a combination of effective search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

Technical excellence and content development work together to build keyword ranking and website authority.  Attention to both aspects generally leads to improved search performance. Through analysis and preparation of either a brief or detailed report,we can develop a plan that includes a strategy and tactics for making improvements to your content and code and measuring targeted issues.                

Keys to Effective Website Analysis Reports

Here’s how Got2Web analysts conduct a website analysis report that identifies problems and proposes effective solutions based on your business goals.

  1. Select meaningful website data to analyze

    • Identify relevant statistics, content areas, and technical events of importance
    • Gather data, test, and assess findings, and identify key issues
    • Analyze issues and statistics directly related to the report data, for example, social media citations, search visibility, branding, site ranking, technical audit issues, or technology changes impacting affect performance and site security

  2. Develop the report in a logical style including action items with clear objectives

    • Descrbe methods, sources, and findings
    • Explain technical terms or acronyms with a glossary
    • Establish baseline measurement metrics and dates
    • Identify key competitors for comparison

  3. Customize the report format for each customer; create easy to read information sections

    • Incoproate infographics with commentary text to describe findings
    • Present evaluations and make recommendations related to business objectives

  4. Deliver final confidential report

    • Present the report in person or via email, Skype or through a private link to a PDF document

  5. Review and Followup

    • Contact customer to discuss the report after they receive it
    • Answer questions and address action items
    • Develop a plan / proposal to perform specific services complete with schedule

  6. Prepare an evaluation report
    For comprehensive studies only -  Three months after task completion,repeat analysis to measure results against plan.

    Got2Web, LLC prepares complimentary brief site analysis reports and commissioned comprehensive evaluations for potential customers and established clients. Contact us for more information about how we can help improve your business website performance through expert SEO analysis and strategic services.



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