Digital Advertising Methods and The Best Return on Investment


Your return on investment when bidding on keywords and choosing the most optimal digital advertising route is a fickle, vacillating thing. ROI pockets fluctuate like the wind. You'll find that styles will wax and wane along with trending news and shifts in focus, but underneath it all is a method that is necessary to find success for any advertising campaign. Of course, it's also important to understand your options, so we'll focus here on the details some of the largest, most popular digital advertising choices out there today to help you plan your strategy. 

Email used to be a powerhouse a few years ago when filters weren't so aggressive, and consumers weren't constantly overwhelmed by the quantity of email ads. Despite this, however, the early form of marketing continues to be a dominant means of communication. Email allows you to track the responses to your messages and develop complete profiles to understand what they prefer, giving you the means to refine and personalize your content. Utilizing design in email ads, and optimizing the emails for mobile viewing are both important aspects to keep in mind when employing this type of campaign. People should be able to see your content on any device, and applying eye-catching visuals is a must. Also important here is social integration - adding social icons in emails has been found to help improve email CTR by well over 100%, not to mention exposing your business to all that social superpower.

Then there's Google’s AdWords, the pay-per-click advertising strategy that revolutionized digital advertising in 2000. This route is still as relevant and viable as it was 15 years ago if you approach it with a plan. Bid on appropriate keywords, and make it clear what product/service you are offering (and to whom), and you will get relevant potential customers clicking on your ad. Adwords takes time, even with a good plan, but time is necessary for any successful campaign.

A lot of people are getting great ROI's from Facebook Ads, but again, it's all about proper targeting. Clearly understand your business goals and the target demographics, and you have another effective tool in your marketing arsenal. (This segues into Bing ads- Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook is an extra help here, since Facebook has shared its social data with Bing, but not with Google.)

More and more, online video ads are replacing traditional TV spots. Online advertising is estimated to become an $8.1 billion dollar market by 2016. Video ads online are inexpensive and can target specific audiences better, making them more effective and significantly more cost-efficient than equivalent TV ads.

Ultimately, what's important to remember is there is no one advertising tool that will solve your business problems. Gone are the years when it was enough to buy an ad on a TV and call it a day. For a successful advertising campaign, you need a combination of different sources like these to meet potential customers at different stages of the sales process, and help them make a purchase decision. Set the right goals, choose the right keywords, plan and analyze, and a successful digital advertising strategy is yours.



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