Springfield Vermont Regional Map 2014


Vermont based graphic and web design company Got2Webb LLC, along with the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, today unveiled their new Springfield, Vermont Regional Map. With loads of features including a year-long calendar of events, transportation information, business directory and mobile code for connecting directly to the popular Springfield - The Mobile Guide, this map serves as an invaluable resource for both locals and visitors alike.

Springfield Regional Map FrontSpringfield Regional Map BackThe map features details on the entire Springfield Valley region, including Ascutney, Downers Four Corners, Chester, Weathersfield, and Cavendish, and also provides points of interest, church and school listings, and detailed local Connecticut River Transit information. Take advantage of the inspirational list of 50 things to do and see in the region, and enjoy everything the Springfield area has to offer!

The Springfield Regional Map is a veritable treasure trove of great local information. It is sure to bring commerce and exposure to the area's businesses and services, and is full of helpful and interesting information for visitors.


Springfield - The Mobile Guide, released as a mobile media complement to the printed Springfield Regional Map, is now available in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play. The app is designed and developed by Got2App Mobile Services, a service of Got2Web, LLC. Visit the Got2App site at www.got2app.com.


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