Mobile Marketing - You Know You Want It

I bet you have a cell phone either in your pocket or within reach of you right now. Surprise! You're in good company- the research group Nielsen's latest Digital Consumer Report, released last month, estimates that 65 percent of all Americans owned a cell phone in 2013. Considering that number was at 44 percent in 2011, plus the fact that a jaw-dropping 29 percent of people have a tablet versus just 5 percent two years ago, this creates an unprecedented opportunity for reaching a far wider audience in the market today.

Mobile MarketingMobile connectivity is undoubtedly destined to be a huge part of our future. Americans spent more time using mobile apps and browsers in 2013- 34 hours per month, versus the time they spent online with their PC's at 27 hours. The benefits of tapping into this amazing resource is becoming rapidly more integral with each passing year. Consider the impact- mobile marketing is instant, since people always have their devices with them, and information on your business or promotions in any format can be stored indefinitely for potential customers' future reference, with big potential to go viral with users so easily sharing content. Businesses can market directly to their target audience, and user response can be tracked almost instantaneously, with the added pluses of geo-location, mobile payment, and social media connectivity.

The state of mobile technology is constantly evolving. But don't let that scare you away, this is a good thing! Though the landscape of devices is dynamic and invariably developing, the end result is the same- users have information right at their fingertips, wherever they are, whenever they want. People want to find what they're looking for in the moment, immediately, without having to be home in front of their desktop. More and more people are relying on instant access to local businesses on the fly, and it's a speeding train you're likely not going to want to miss. Whether you create a mobile app for your company or just opt for the responsive website, get yourself a ticket on that train, and watch your audience swell and flourish.

Erin Maloney