Inbound Marketing: The Death of the Cold Call

Finally, marketing has begun to evolve beyond the pushy, infuriating tactics that for decades have dominated sales in almost every market. What has arisen from the ashes of what is now called outbound marketing is an opposing strategy that adds fun and value to both the businesses that practice it and the more grateful customers on the receiving end. Read on to learn about inbound marketing and the positive changes that the internet has made in the ways companies can gain customer loyalty and appreciation.

Inbound marketing benefits

We all remember the original spam- loads of garbage cramming our mail boxes from the postal service, hundreds of irrelevant emails touting often embarrassing and inappropriate products, annoying phone calls at dinner imploring you to try, buy, sample, read, watch, ingest or invest in the latest goods or services. The practice of targeting customers like a juicy stag in the sights of a starving lion has long been the primary marketing strategy for gaining customers, but can be likened more to ensnaring prey rather than establishing mutually appreciative relationships between businesses and consumers.

Allow me to introduce inbound marketing. Instead of chasing down unsuspecting potential clients, inbound marketing is the act of putting yourself out there and attracting interest by creating quality online content specifically tailored to your target market. This, in turn, generates more regard with the continued exposure on your site and through sharing via social media. 

Inbound marketing is about being interesting, informative, and valuable to people. Whatever it is that you do or sell, there are people out there that want it. By putting exactly what you are out there and letting them come to you, a stronger and more mutually beneficial relationship is created, and if your content is good enough, keeps people coming back and sharing your information with others.

SEO is your friend. Social media is your friend. Relevent, attention-grabbing content; anything from articles to videos to colorful infographics; consider these your chummy compatriots in successful business practices. The 200 million people that are on the National Do Not Call registry aren't lying- aggressive marketing tactics are a thing of the past. Embracing the open community of inbound marketing is absolutely necessary for any modern business to thrive. Put your customers in the drivers' seat by attracting them organically. Don't beg for them.

Erin Maloney


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