"Google My Business" Brings It All Together

Introducing Google My Business!Google has always been on top of the creation of hugely helpful tools for small businesses, but the new "Google My Business" allows them unprecedented access to all these tools from one handy page. Released June 11, Google Search, Maps, Google +, Insights, and Hangouts are all now available in one simplified platform, making it easier for businesses to manage their online presence without the nuisance of having to keep track of them all separately.

Businesses can see all Google's features grouped together and update Google+, manage reviews, and view analytics all from one online portal. This service will replace Places for Business and the prior version of the Google+ dashboard. Your business information will automatically be added to Google+, maps, and search, so clients and potential customers can find you and access your information from any device, anywhere. 

There's also a mobile app in the process of coming out for Google My Business- the Android app is available now on Google Play, with an iOS to follow shortly.

This free service gives small businesses more power to compete with the big guns by allowing all Google+ pages access to Insights reports, an analytic program that allows you an overview of your follower demographics as well as showing you how your content trends over time. Check out what posts get the most engagement, and perfect your content accordingly with a type of social media optimization that many of the larger companies tend to pay big bucks for.

Erin Maloney


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