Big News for Google: Alphabet

Google Alphabet
There are some big changes going on over at Google! They’re an incredible company that has made major advancements in today’s technology. Google being a part of many people’s daily lives, the new changes that they've announced have gained quite the coverage and have peaked a lot of interest. One of Google’s main goals is to transform the world through innovation, which lead to their next step. Google recently announced that they have created a new company called Alphabet. The idea behind Alphabet is it is a parent company that will have a collection of innovative organizations that fall underneath it; Google being the largest. Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, will assume the CEO role of Alphabet, with Google co-founder Sergey Brin serving as president. Sundar Pichai, head of product and engineering, is now CEO of Google.

In the press release they posted on August 10, 2015, it started off referring to their original founders letter from 11 years back where they addressed how “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” By implementing Alphabet they’re doing just that. Google is striving to do more, to be more and to become more in the most efficient way possible. He touched base on how it’s so easy for companies to feel comfortable in their current status of success and stay there. Larry Page noted how they don’t want to find themselves comfortable and would rather push the envelop to add further success to today’s innovative technologies. By creating Alphabet their allowing further growth in the individual organizations and also allotting promotional positions within the company. Their expecting with micromanaging the individual companies the extra attention to detail to push their success further, faster and more efficiently.  

This new change is also looking to altar investing in Google. It will allow investors to more easily value the different innovations and determine which is worth their money. The big investors on Wall Street are hoping that it will become more clear how Google spends their money and what direction the projects will be heading; which projects spend the most money and which will show real potential for return. The extra detail and insight to the company will hopefully in return excite investors just enough to raise their company stock. There hasn't been much excitement for the last year or so which has kept their stocks relatively flat. Shortly after the announcement was made on August 10th, shares rose about 6%. 

Google is all about taking chances and it seems like this chance could lead them into many new advancements. 


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