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Your return on investment (ROI) when choosing the most optimal digital advertising route can be tricky.  Response rates vary based on trending news and shifts in focus for effective digital advertising.   Email marketing, paid advertising, and search marketing are three options from which to choose.  It’s important to understand each of these options and how they work with your website as well as independently. This article will demonstrate to you how Got2Web can help you plan a strategy for email marketing to get the best ROI, build your brand, and expand your social media presence.

Marketing with Opt-In Email

Email has been a reliable, cost effective marketing tool for decades. Up until a few years ago when filters weren't so aggressive, and consumers weren't constantly overwhelmed by the quantity of email advertising messages, the humble inbox was one of the most effective marketing channels. Despite today’s filter challenges, targeted electronic mailings to opt-in customer lists can be a highly effective form of advertising. Electronic mail distribution continues to be the dominant strategy for internet based customer acquisition and conversion.  However, it’s important to note that some marketing sectors present more challenges than others. And certain products or services are more effectively promoted using traditional media.

One big advantage of permission based email marketing is how it allows you to track responses to your messages. This helps you test your messages and develop accurate customer profiles that respect customer preferences. Segmented lists based on customer preferences make it easier to design and deliver personalized message content that encourage clicks and boost conversion rates.  Creating personalized digital offers with visual appeal optimized for mobile viewing is important.  Recipients must be able to view your message on any device.  Use of branding elements and eye-catching visuals boosts appeal and improves click through rates (CTR).

Social Media + Email Marketing = Viral Messaging

Email marketing combined with your customized social media platforms presents cost-effective viral marketing opportunities. It’s strategic and cost-effective to build social media integration into the design of your email marketing messages. Including popular social media icons and sharing opportunities in the content spreads your message or campaign offer across a wider audience through secondary responses.  Special offers designed to encourage sharing help increase your opt-in marketing list, as more potential customers see your message and respond to opt-in email lists.


Got2Web, LLC designs performance-driven digital advertising plans that include email marketing campaigns, social media development, brand loyalty programs, and opt-in marketing list management.




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