Flat is Back - Web Design Trends

Here at Got2Web, we stay right on top of the latest trends in marketing, web and graphic design so you don't have to. Here is a small look into the biggest current web design boom- flat and minimal.

Flat Design Apple iOS7

Take one look at Windows 8 and Apple iOS7, and there's no doubt; flat interface design has gotten big, and very quickly. With Windows completely embracing the simple, streamlined look that first became popular on responsive websites for mobile devices, you can see that the drop shadowed, beveled, 3D look is quickly becoming a thing of the past. This is due partly to the rapid increase of mobile applications- people simply have so many apps on their devices that the clutter can become a chaotic informational overload, and the simplification of all this data is essential. All that texture and extraneous design is a mess on small screens, and people want to access what they're searching for quickly and without preamble.

Flat Design - Windows 8This style has rolled over to full sized website design. Customers are drawn to what is important- the eye takes in relevant concepts first, rather than spending those precious few first seconds before clicking elsewhere lost in a maze of disorderly jumble. Typography is in the limelight here- with the increased pixel density of the latest devices, designers are able to utilize cleaner, thinner type with better clarity, boosting the appeal of the minimalist design style as well as letting the important elements shine without unnecessary bells and whistles. Don't just take my word for it; check out these beautiful, creative examples.

Example Flat DesignUsing grids for grouping and visual order, placement and scale become key in the design process. Vivid, exciting colors also come to the forefront, allowing larger color palettes- you can finally play with those great hues you might have once been told detracted from the design. This is no longer the case with the popular flat scheme.

Let us show you how your business can benefit from a new, flat, minimal look on your websites and mobile applications. Call for a consultation! You might be surprised.

Erin Maloney


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