Does Santa Have a Website?

You can bet Santa Claus has been around for a long time. A VERY long time, in many incarnations. Because of that, you may be tempted to think the old tubby fellow tends to stick to traditional things. Like, keeping records on who has been naughty or nice on old-school paper or parchment or something.

But, keep in mind who we're talking about here. We're talking about a guy who can make a sled and a herd of reindeer fly all over the world without any known carbon footprint, distribute presents to kids (young and old) and do so in the span of a single night. Actually, longer than a single night, considering all the different time zones across the planet. But, I digress.

Rest assured, the old man has some serious tech available to him we can all just guess at.

So, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to think there's a website or two out there dedicated to the bearded redcoat. But, as I understand it, his own personal site (along with blog) is being revamped. Not by us this time, though. Got2Web Internet Services didn't get the contract.

Because of that, I'm just going to highlight a few sites that are ABOUT Santa, as done by others, rather than his own. No, we here at Got2Web Internet Services didn't build any of them but they're still pretty interesting, in our opinion. And, as we understand it, they're all family friendly. Enjoy!

1. Best Site for Learning About the Real St. Nick: St. Nicholas Center - A site about the original Santa...the one that used to use paper way back in the day.

2. Official NORAD Santa Tracker - Starting on Christmas Eve, the U.S. Government will keep tabs on where Santa is. Just make sure you're in bed and fast asleep when he gets over your house. And, thanks to the Official NORAD tracker, you'll know when that is.

3. - A cute family-friendly site (although admittedly, we at Got2Web Internet Services could have designed it nicer, but that's just our opinion). It features an interactive North Pole workshop interactive map.

Okay, so that's three sites to get your family started. And, when it comes time to get your own online presence up and running, we at Got2Web Internet Services can help with that. Contact us today to discuss your own long as you don't need a flying sled. We never did get that working right.