Vermont Mobile App Development

Vermont Mobile App Development

As a Vermont-based mobile app developer, we strive to create apps that not only promote your business and help instill brand loyalty, but that you can view online during development, bringing you an unparalleled level of transparency. A custom mobile app will bring your customers tangible value and enhance their overall experinece and level of interactivity.

These days, if your business does not have some sort of initial mobile offering -  a responsive site or a custom app -  potential customers are likely to pass right on by in favor of a business they can find and is easy to use from a mobile device. 

Vermont Mobile App Development

With our Vermont mobile app development plan, you get all of the following and more: 

A Direct Channel Marketing Method

Developing a mobile app is the most effective marketing channel to establish a personal connection with customers on the go. By integrating your brand into a device that never leaves the customer's side, you can establish your business as a constant presence with easy and intstant access to customer attention through events, updates, loyalty coupons and more. 

Leverage Your Brand

You've spent a lot of time, effort and money developing your business' unique image,  so we take great care to design your app according to brand standards down to the last pixel. We customize absolutely everything to your specs, incorporating your logo, style and color scheme to maintain and enhance your professional representation. 

Add Unlimited Push Notifications to Your Marketing Arsenal

Now you can send unlimited push notifications to instantly promote specials and events right from our easy to use control panel. Push notifications are 100% opt-in, and get sent directly to each and every customer that has downloaded your business' mobile app. This helps to create a positive, engaging experience by keeping customers up to date, and can also attract new visitors to your locations. 

Push notifications are vastly superior to traditional SMS marketing methods. Not only are they cheaper, more reliable and totally unlimited, but you will not have to deal with the same "can-spam" regulations that text and email marketing are subject to.

Take Your Business Viral With Social Media Integration

Our custom design apps are all about promoting your business through direct customer engagement, so it's only natural that we would give you total control over social media integration. Every aspect of our mobile applications can be instantly shared online, from messages to deals, images and check-ins, for vritual enhancement to your customer's physical experience. 

We've Got You Covered With Apps for iOS, Anrdoid and Mobile Web

Our broad-base, multiplatform approach to mobile marketing ensures that your business will reach every target demographic through iPhone, iPad, Android and other Mobile Web compatible devices like Blackberry. 

Powerful DIY Content Management With Our AppCenter

No one know your business' history, clientele and distinct vibe like you do, so we make it easy for you to update your own app content, manage notifications and push events through our powerful CMS backend, the AppCenter. 

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You can read much more about this exciting service by visiting the dedicated Got2App web site. Then, get in touch with us today to discuss all the ways your company can benefit from mobile applications marketing.




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