The SEO Benefits of Blogging

Blogging HandsThis year's first blog entry is about….blogging. I’m sure the delicious irony of this fact will not be lost, but hear me out; blogging can be one of the most robust assets in your SEO content development arsenal if done properly. There are many good reasons to start a blog for your business. It can be a great PR vehicle for your services or products, an educational tool for skeptical and intrigued readers alike, and, perhaps most importantly bring real SEO benefits. Despite all these positive rewards for comparatively little effort or learning curve, many are scared away from beginning a blog because of time constraints, perceived lack of writing talent, or a plain old case of technophobia.

I’m here to tell you that if I can do it; you certainly can too. As I mentioned before, a business blog can be very advantageous in terms of SEO, and when optimized correctly will be pleasing to humans and search engines. A decently maintained blog can bring these top three SEO benefits to your business’ website:

Blogging Targets Specific Keyphrases

You should be adding keyphrase-rich content to your site at every possible opportunity. Each additional optimized page you add is another potential hook for a search engine user to latch on to. By blogging about subjects that are conducive to the keyphrases you are targeting, you will create rich and organic content optimized for humans and search engines.

You’ll be Adding Fresh Content

Beyond giving you a great way to target for particular keyphrases, blogging helps you continuously populate your site with fresh material. If you have the same old stagnant content forever, it is hurting your site in terms of search engine crawls and viewers. Set yourself on a schedule to update your blog at least once a week, and this will send the message that you are an active site. This will also present a great opportunity for you to link to other pages on your site, which further enhances your SEO returns.

Just Think of All the Backlinks

If you create a quality blog with interesting content that people are into, readers will link to your posted articles and entries as they engage with your company. Through social media, comments and inbound links to your posts from other sites, you can generate enough backlinks to make a substantial improvement in your search engine rankings.

Blogging certainly requires a bit of discipline and investment of time, but it can in turn be one of the most efficient, affordable ways to drum up interest in your business and boost the SEO of your site. The best way to get started is by examining your list of targeted keywords. Think about the areas that you would like to see improvement in rankings, and then use these as the topics for your posts!

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