How Do I Create A Mobile Web Presence?

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Got2Web is our ability to quickly adapt to shifts in the internet and internet related technology.  With current estimates at close to 1.2 mobile web users worldwide, mobile internet use is predicted to surpass that of desktop web use by early 2015. This transformation will create countless new opportunities for web-based marketing, so If you don't already have a business-brand related mobile web presence, there is no time like the present to remedy that situation.

In fact, most of your competition likely already has a mobile web presence. Based on a study from Google, 95% of smartphone users have searched for information regarding local businesses and 57% of those potential customers would not recommend a business to a friend based on a negative mobile experience. It has certainly gotten to the point that some sort of mobile presence is expected, be it mobile app, mobile site, or both. 

Advantages of a Mobile Site

The format of mobile sites differs from traditional desktop layouts in a number of ways. At Got2Web, we create HTML5 mobile web sites through our Got2App service to enhance mobile web user's involvement. 

Content Heirarchy 

Mobile screens, even on tablets, are a good deal smaller than a typical desktop screen, so information must be condensed and organized for easy access without negatively affecting the user's experience. A goog way to do this is to decide what the essentials of your site's content really are, and then present that information as simply as possible. 

Vertical Format

Trying to view a site that has not been developed to be mobile compatible can be quite a pain, as users are forced to pinch and zoom repeatedly to get anywhere at all. Mobile sites should be designed with the smaller vertical format of a smartphone in mind for more streamlined navigation. 

Geolocation Integration

HTML5 allows us to make use of wifi towers and native mobile device GPS to calculate a user's location. This can offer exact directions, and more relevant local search results. 

Apps Vs. Mobile Sites 

The great thing is, you don’t have to choose between a mobile app and a mobile site with our HTML5 web-based apps. This mobile site based app will function on all mobile devices. We can set up a redirect from your existing site directly to the HTML5 app that will only be detected by mobile devices, ensuring that your business has a mobile web presence.

HTML5 apps are quickly replacing conventional mobile sites. These behave as native apps, but run through your phone’s web browser.

The mobile web will continue to grow in use, bringing with it greater opportunities for your business to reach a whole new demographic of clients. We can help you create a scalable mobile site, HTML5 web based app, or native app. Please contact us or visit our dedicated Got2App Site if you are interested in setting up a consultation. 


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