Top Reasons to Hire an SEO Professional

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No matter what niche your web site occupies online, it’s essential that it be search engine optimized.  After you’ve had your great looking website designed, developed, user tested and launched; it’s still not worth a single penny to you if no one can find it in search engine listings! It’s important to establish a solid search presence, and you need a professional who know their way around SEO to help you achieve this goal.

Here are the top 4 reasons it might be time to finally hire an SEO professional:

Your Website Is Not Getting Any Traffic

Your company’s website should be the cornerstone of your marketing platform. Ideally, it would already have a clean, attractive design that conveys what you do best and an intuitive navigation system. You’ve included everything a visitor could need to know, i.e. full product listing, contact info, hours of operation, but are still not receiving enough traffic to justify your web oriented expenses.

No Search Presence

Make no mistake; it can take a while for a new site to rank in the search engines. However, if your website has been around for a while, and you still can’t find it on the first few query pages of a search engine, there’s something going wrong, and you need a professional to perform an SEO audit on your site to get to the bottom of things.

You Have Limited SEO Knowledge

The basics of SEO are really not all that difficult to grasp. In fact, even if you know nothing about SEO at all, we make it our business to educate you at least enough to understand what it is we’re doing for you rather than relying on mystifying complexities and shady black hat techniques. That said, the intricacies of SEO can be time consuming and the trends difficult to diagnose without quite a bit of experience under your belt. Rather than just jumping in with no SEO knowledge whatsoever , it’s better to seek guidance from a professional.

Lack of Time

It’s important to understand that SEO is not a “one- time fee” sort of service. There is not a lot of set up procedure to get started on optimizing and analyzing a site, but diligence in fine tuning, updating and tracking that site is required to see any sort of positive results, and it can take quite a while to see results. To be frank; SEO is a very time consuming process, yet one that must be kept up with in order to procure the desired results.

To find out more about our SEO strategy, or to arrange a consultation or site audit, please contact us. 



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