5 Things You Need on Your Website's Homepage

missing web design pieces

As web designers, we’ve run across more sites than we’d care to count that lack the bare minimum of content that a homepage should contain. This is the premier portion of your site that a potential client or user will see; shouldn’t you strive to make the best first impression possible? Any relationship that develops between a potential client and your business’ website will begin with one thing how customer-friendly your homepage is.  Let’s start with the top five things that belong on your homepage, and why.

1. Contact Information

This might seem like a no brainer, but visitors to your site should not have to hunt around for a phone number, email address, or physical location. You WANT customers to find you; make it easy for them. While it is a good idea to also include a specific contact page with information like a turn by turn directions and an embedded map, your most vital contact info should be presented front and center. At a bare minimum, your homepage should feature prominently a phone number and email address.

2. Images Representative of What You Do

This is a big one. Whether you are a professional builder, attorney, rodeo clown ( insert your own niche here), the images on your homepage should convey what you do, and that you do it well. This may sound basic, but many “professional” web designers will include totally irrelevant graphics that do nothing to help customers picture your expertise.

3. Clear Navigation with Links That Work

The front page of your site should contain a clearly marked and easy to use navigation system. This should be located either horizontally across the top, vertically on the side, or a combination of the two layouts that incorporates a helpful side menu. Too often links are scattered around homepages in a manner that does not make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Broken links should also be monitored and kept up with. Not only can a broken link prevent a shopper from finding what they were looking for on your site, it also makes you look like a neglectful business owner.

4. Sign Up for Email

Publishing a regular email newsletter is a great way to offer helpful tips, generate leads, and encourage customer loyalty. Your homepage is a good spot to place a sign up form for newsletter updates. You can incentivize filling out the form by offering deals or discounts to customers who submit their email.

5. Social Media Links

Put your links to your social media accounts in a place that customers will actually be able to find and follow them. Don’t get too fancy or blatant, but you should be making it easy for people to keep in touch throughout your media channels.  

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