How Do I Know If My Site Needs a Redesign?

Let's face it; first impressions really are more often than not the only ones you're going to get.  We find ourselves living in an era in which we are constantly being fed more and more information in increasingly smaller amounts of time. What this means for your business presence is that the window of conversion as we may have once thought of it is shrinking at an alarming rate;  nowhere is this fact more clearly evident than in the field of web design. 

Your web presence should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, but many sites seem outdated, unconvincing, or simply drab and poorly designed. More than likely, you find yourself clicking through them all the time, barely glancing at the screen presented before scrambling for the back button. Common conventions have typically stated that you get about eight seconds to make an impression on a website viewer, but as your average internet user's patience seems to dwindle a little more each day, I'd put that optimal period now closer to 4 or 5. 

You may now be wondering to yourself " is my site something that I would simply click right through were I an average customer?" In the interest of helping you establish the answer to this question, we've compiled a short list of aspects to consider when deciding whether or not to redesign your site. 

Is Your Current Site Outdated? 

This is a pretty common reason that websites are updated. Really, if you want to maintain your professional image your site should be retooled at least every three years, as web design conventions are never in vogue for long. Aside from this, matters of functionality are obviously in play as well. If your site exhibits fuzzy images, missing links hard-to-read text and poorly organized layouts, viewers are going to pass it by without a second thought. 

Who Are Your Customers and Client Base? 

Nobody knows your target market better than you do, so try to put yourself in their shoes and be objective when viewing your site. Better yet; ask some of them to give you their honest opinion. Does it suit your image?  Chances are, if most of your clients aren't feeling your site, you need a new one. 

How Easy Is It To Get To the Most Vital Content? 

An aesthetically appealing site is great, but unfortunately not worth very much if your clients can't find the information they are looking for at a glance. If your most vital sales points and content aren't front and center, you might want to think about reorganizing. 

Does Your Site Have All the Functionality it Needs? 

Technological advances have provided more ways than ever for your clientele to get in touch with you, so evaluate whether your site is offering them all the functionality it should be. If your site is only rendering properly in a couple of browsers, or is truly a pain to navigate on a mobile device, your functionality could use a boost.

Is Your Site Receiving Enough Traffic? 

Chances are, you may have a perfectly functional, nice looking site, but are simply not receiving the amount of traffic you feel you should be. Especially if your site has been around for awhile, this may be an indication that your site is not being indexed by search engines. There are a couple of reasons this might be happening; your site wasn't built correctly in the first place, or the content itself needs to be worked on. We can review your site to establish if there are structural issues and help create a plan of action accordingly. With search engine optimized content and some code fixes, you should be back on track. 

Has Your Company Outgrown Your Site? 

This one is more of a happy problem. If your physical company is growing, don't let your web presence grow stagnant. You may well need a bigger and better site to accommodate your growth! We can have a discussion about where you see your company going, and then make sure that you don't have this problem again. There's no reason a site should not be built to grow with the business itself, and we create sites that are easily expandable.